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Re: Problem solved (was: Silly Problem: Unable to access deb-files via CD-ROM)

Markus Fischer schrieb:
> On Wed, Oct 11, 2000 at 06:08:42PM +0200, Andreas Hetzmannseder wrote :
> > However I want to be able to use /dev/hdb as well, as it is a
> > CD-writer. Do I have to install a specific module to make it work?
>         Depends, what kind of manufactor, model, etc ? You know,
> without more details its a bit hard ;)

Hallo Markus,

I reedited /etc/fstab and made two separate symlinks for my two
    /dev/cdbrenner --> /dev/hdb
    /dev/cdrom --> /dev/hdc

I now also have two separate mount points in my / -partition:
according to my entries in 'fstab'

/dev/hdb is working fine since then, though I just don't know what was
wrong before: It's a mystery...

My CD-writer is an ATAPI Mitsumi CR-4804 TE, but now it seems that there
is no additional module required.

By the way: This is the drive where I can read the one CD which is
locked up in the regular drive (/dev/hdc), and - no big surprise - I
also burned it in this drive.

So I'd better remember to read the CDs in their "appropriate" drives,
and this should keep me from getting into trouble.

You see, this is not really a big problem for me. Lately I've just been
testing it several times, when I had nothing better to do :)

But then again it might become really annoying in special situations.
Perhaps I will tell Jens Axboe about this as you suggested.
Do you know his address?

Best regards,

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