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Re: Problems with my cable company

Rogelio E Castillo Haro <rcastillo@glo.org.mx> writes:
REC> I've a COM21 cablemodem from my cable local company to access Internet...
REC> But, The dhcpcd doesn't obtain an IP Address,

I don't know what your provider is like, but mine would only install
on a Windows or Mac machine, which I fortunately happened to have
lying around.  (Don't worry, it's running woody now.  :-)  The machine 
I wanted to use as a gateway was a different machine, though, with a
different Ethernet card, and the cable modem would only give out
addresses if the MAC address of the Ethernet card connected to it
matched the address the cable company thought it should have.
Solution?  Call the provider and ask them to change the MAC address on 
your cable modem.  It's the "HWaddr" number (six octets) that gets
printed out of ifconfig.

David Maze             dmaze@mit.edu          http://www.mit.edu/~dmaze/
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