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Re: Weird X Problem

  xscreensaver has a screensaver that downloads random images from the
net... called web collage (or similar name)... could have been the
screensaver? they all can be ran independently (they are just programs
that xsreensaver run), so you might have one way or another run it...


Francesco Bochicchio wrote:
> Hi all!
> yesterday, I experienced a very weird problem with X : the background of
> my Laptop become suddenly black, excepting two areas : one showed a fragment
> of a picture with a dog in it ( only the head an part of the body ),
> the other showed an half-schetched drawing which could be a dog, a penguin
> o similar.
> The weirdness of all this is that I don't have these pictures on my hard disk:
> after the fact, I also made a 'find -name "*.[jpg,jpeg,xpm]" -exec display {}'
> without finding them (apart from that, I am the only user of the laptop,
> so I should know ).
> Apart from that, X was still running and all the window stayed open,
> except for the one showing a Netscape download, which aborted.
> Since my laptop was attached to the Internet with a statical IP and
> behind a proxy/gateway which does no firewall/filtering, I also thought
> of an attack. I searched the obvious logs and such, but couldn't find
> anything. I have no secrets on the laptop, so I'm not worried, but
> I'd like to know what the heck happened.
> I was running WindowMaker : exiting and restarting it restored normality.
> I was running also xscreensaver, so it could be (I guess) a joke within it
> (like the fake kernel crash screensaver) : only, it did not disappear when
> I pressed keys or moved the mouse.
> One last thing : I was downloading a fairly large file ( the Java SDK :
> 30 MB ) and my laptop small disk is nearly full. Wasn't for the weird
> pictures, a file system full could have justified the thing ( except I
> whas downloading the file in th /home partition, not in the /system one ).
> That's all. I don't know what to think about. Suggestions ?
> Ciao
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