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Re: Problem with '/etc/shutdown.allow'

>>>>> "Carel" == Carel Fellinger <cfelling@iae.nl> writes:

    Carel> I've just read the Fine Manual just to please you:) and I
    Carel> think it only effects Ctrl-Alt-Del from the console, not
    Carel> calling shutdown from the command-line unless you make it a
    Carel> SUID program. (for the latter to have a change of working
    Carel> make sure the shutdown command is in your PATH, as it isn't
    Carel> by default for us mortal users)

Wrong - shutdown.allow has no affect for ctrl+alt+del. You
can press this even if you are not logged in.

    Carel> What happens is: the keyboard handler (running as root)
    Carel> intercepts the magic Ctrl-Alt-Del and tells init to
    Carel> shut-up. The keyboard handler knows to do this as that is
    Carel> what it was told by the /etc/inittab entry for the
    Carel> Ctrl-Alt-Del key combo.

Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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