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Re: wmaker

On Sun, Oct 15, 2000 at 04:57:02PM +0200, Lars M. wrote:
> I´m new in the linuxworld and like to use wmaker. Is it possible to change
> the color of the applications into the windows? I don´t like this grey. Or
> should i use an other windowmanager for this?

    I don't have any wmaker-specific knowledge for you, but there are several
possibilities for this. 
    Any X application, conforming to X protocols (which often does not include
KDE and Gnome apps) uses the X resources for such things. What that means is
that you can customize apps based on your $HOME/.Xdefaults file. For example:

! Xterm settings.
xterm*scrollBar: true
xterm*saveLines: 1000
xterm*foreground: peachpuff
xterm*background: black
xterm*vt100*geometry: 85x35
xterm*visualBell: true

    These are my xterm settings. I prefer to use .Xdefaults because I can then
take this file to work and get the same settings on my HPUX workstation. I'm
not all that fond of Gnome and KDE changing all that because I like the way X
has set this stuff up with these simple text files, but that's me. 
    If it's an X app you're customizing, there should be a corresponding
resource that you can set to change border colours like that. If not, you have
to use window-manager or desktop environment specific information. 

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