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Re: PHP joy at last!

On Sat, Oct 14, 2000 at 01:25:40PM +0000, Steve Simons wrote:
> After careful consideration, I decided you're right.  After all - the 
> package management capability is what I switched to Debian for in the 
> first place!
> And guess what - I works just fine now! >-\
> PHP4, mysql and apache are all installed and running from the .deb 
> packages.
> Can someone now kindly tell me how to remove the files/directories 
> created by the apache install - there doesnn't seem to be an uninstall 
> script, and I don't wanna delete something I shouldn't :O)

If it's a well-made package, there is usually an uninstall rule in the
Makefile.  Just "make uninstall" and you're on your way.  


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