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Re: update-inetd problem

On Sat, 14 Oct 2000, Michael P. Soulier wrote:

> On Fri, Oct 13, 2000 at 10:55:35PM -0700, Dwight Johnson wrote:
> > # update-inetd --add telnet
> > The entry definition does not contain any whitespace characters!
> > 
> > What does this message mean? What am I doing wrong?
>     Wow. I didn't even know there was an update-inetd program. I always hack
> the inetd.conf file by hand. 
>     Can't you just uncomment the telnet entry?

That's what I have always done on my Red Hat and SuSE installations. But
on Debian 2.2, my inetd.conf file does not have a telnet entry to uncomment
and the inetd.conf file begins with a commented caution to not change it
except using 'update-inetd'.

But trying to make sense out of constructing an update-inetd add entry
using 'man update-inetd' and the associated man pages is beyond me.

What does your inetd.conf telnet entry look like?

> You shouldn't use telnet
> anyway, unless you're on a closed network. Too much cleartext. Use ssh. 

I would have tried that too, but 'apt-get install ssh' is unable to find
the package on my 2.2 CD set.

Thanks for your help,
Dwight Johnson

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