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Re: Keyboard wierdness

Damian Menscher <menscher@uiuc.edu> writes:
> I have a fairly new setup: woody + 2.4.0-test9 kernel.  I had everything
> working fine.  I wanted to move my computer, so I shut it down, carried
> it over to new location, and turn it back on.  When it comes up into XDM
> I discover the keyboard does nothing.  I try a second keyboard, still
> nothing.  Rebooting shows the keyboards work fine while the system is
> booting, but when it gets into X they stop.  Finally, I just booted into
> single user mode, and the keyboard is fine.
> Ideas???

Just a suggestion, don't start a new thread in the group by following
up to a message in a different thread. To anyone using a thread-aware
newsreader, eg., gnus, mutt, VM, your post looks like it belongs to
the thread entitled "DNS lookup looks for AAAA records.." started by
Chris Niekel <cniekel@zonnet.nl>.

Not only is it annoying to thread-using readers, it makes your post
less likely to be seen by someone that may be able to help with your

If you *HAVE* to start a new thread by following up to an old one make
*SURE* you delete the "References:" line!


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