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Keyboard wierdness

Ok, this is *really* strange:

I have a fairly new setup: woody + 2.4.0-test9 kernel.  I had everything
working fine.  I wanted to move my computer, so I shut it down, carried
it over to new location, and turn it back on.  When it comes up into XDM
I discover the keyboard does nothing.  I try a second keyboard, still
nothing.  Rebooting shows the keyboards work fine while the system is
booting, but when it gets into X they stop.  Finally, I just booted into
single user mode, and the keyboard is fine.


Damian Menscher
--==## Grad. student & Sys. Admin. @ U. Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ##==--
--==## <menscher@uiuc.edu> www.uiuc.edu/~menscher/ Ofc:(217)333-0038 ##==--
--==## Physics Dept, 1110 W Green, Urbana IL 61801 Fax:(217)333-9819 ##==--

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