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debian -newcomerII


Thanks for your efforts, I am old and probably to stupid. I have tried
ln -s &c and I have added the required library path for export both
locally and as su in etc, but to no use.

This procedure of Debian is discussed in the Debian weekly letter and
might be a problem even to the developer.

I can run scilab and LyX just fine from my other distribution which is
Mandrake 7.1. After testing to install it I found it to be fast and I
wanted to learn more about Gnome.

That is just now my primary problem: How the hell do I stop it from
making a graphic install. When I bail out from Xwindow, I am thrown
right into, what I think is xdm. I have tried to elliminate that from
rc3.d, but is totally stuck.

Please excuse my spelling, that is blanked from my static!? netscape.


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