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q´s ad adding driver to ghostscript


Please forgive any (more or less) ignorance, I´m not so new to
 debian/gnu/linux, but it´s the first time I hit the printing and 
 apt-get source themes.

1: If I checked the docs[0] right, I have to compile ghostscript myself
 to get an additional driver[1] into it?
1a: How would one go for that on a debian[2] system? apt-get source gs; 
 <make changes as in [3]>; make; make install; ?
2: What drawbacks are there for a self-compiled gs (other than not
 being apt-get upgrade-able)?

If anyone has additional pointers to get the printer, one gs works, 
also up&running for M$-clients via samba, I´d be most grateful, also 
;-) But I´ll dig into that once I printed my first page locally...


0: /usr/doc/gs/ mostly
1: http://www.picante.com/~gtaylor/download/printing/oki4linux.tar.gz 
   for an "okipage 8w lite" gdi (sic) printer
2: potato except for a 2.0.38 kernel
3: /usr/doc/gs/devices.txt

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