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Re: URGENT! Sendmail question (Redhat conversion) HELP!

On Thu, 12 Oct 2000, Ferrell, Tim wrote:

> Let me start by saying I am not a network admin... but I play one on TV

Me too!

> FEATURE(`mailertable',`hash -o /etc/mail/mailertable') 
> and in /etc/mail/mailertable I have the following line: 
>         mcgeecorp.comSMTP:[] 
> The config file builds ok (after squawking about empty dbs - access,
> relay_domains, and local_host_names) and sendmail runs. I receive mail
> but cannot send/relay - I get smtp Connection Refused errors in the
> mail.log. Also, under RedHat, the relay= section in the mail.log entries
> always showed the ip address of the host being relayed to (
> whereas now it shows mcgeecorp.com - why is this?

Assuming the line you give above is what is really in your mailertable
file, your problem would appear to be one of whitespace.

Put some space between the parts so it reads something like:

	mcgeecorp.com	SMTP:[]

BTW: if you're relaying for an entire domain, then you might want to put
a dot (.) in front of mcgeecorp.com.  See the README in the cf directory
for details.


Damian Menscher
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