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potato ppp authentication

i'm configuring a potato box ultimately to be used as a firewall/proxy for a dial-up connection to an isp that uses pap authentication. i'm new to ppp under linux, but i've worked through the configuration as outlined in the how-to, and i can get ppp-on to dial out and connect, but it quickly drops the connection. when i follow the manual steps outlined in the how-to (pon, start the connection with minicom, log on, drop out of minicom, and issue pppd -detach) the stream of messages i get indicate a problem with negotiating for an ip address. ultimately, the final negotiation message indicates that the peer is not authorized to use the remote ip address on my machine. i've checked the pap-secrets file and it seems to be configured as the how-to wants (my local userid), but i suspect that i'm missing something here.

can anyone offer any suggestions?

john cuson
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