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frustration with debian installation

Greetings from a very frustrated "newbie." After numerous attempts, I
finally got the base system and packages installed, but I now have what
seems like the overwhelming task of configuring everything so I can
actually use the new system I saved for months to purchase.

(1) What all do I have to configure if I want to use gnome as my gui ?

(2) Am I correct in my understanding that the x-windows system is the
standard debian gui, and I can choose to use gnome instead?

(3) how do I configure gnome?

(4) I have read"Linux system commands" by Volkerding and Reichard, and
got some help there, but at the moment I'm extraordinarily frustrated.

(5) I hate windows so bad, that I will never go back.

(6) please guide me through the jungle of configring my new debian OS so
I can use this wonderful computer and debian to accomplish my long-held
dream of establishing a publishing company.

Bob Edwards
Fayetteville, Arkansas

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