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Re: Need advice on Postscript/PCL printer

Nicola Bernardelli <nbern@iname.com> writes:

> I am to buy an entry level monochrome laser printer (it seems as when
> it comes to text and music scores a 600dpi laser is better than any
> inkjet) and of course I'm looking for one that works with
> Debian. (I'll add some details just in case anybody else is interested
> in the matter, I'm in Paris, France, so I guess the prices are not so
> interesting on the list, anyway the three printers mentioned here are
> more or less the same price.)

Try to get a Kyocera 680FS with PS option, they used to be quite cheap
nowadays (Kyocera don't produce them any more). I've got one, and it
works great here (using the CUPS packages from woody, but lpr/lprng
worked too). I put some EDO-RAM from an older PC in to increase the


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