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Re: Linux newbie: (1) 1FA after boot (2) X configuration

> Hi                                                                    
>  I'm a Linux newbie, and I've jut installed 2.0 on a PC. Everything   
>  went okay, except when I try to boot from the hard disk, it hangs at 
> a                                                                     
>  '1FA:' prompt, and I can't type anything. Also, if I do a rescue     
> reboot, and try to configure XF86, I can't get any mouse pointer      
> movement, and it fails to launch the server. Any help?                

	1. 1FA after boot.
I do not remember the exact meaning of this code but I believe it boils down 
to setting and running lilo correctly. You might boot from floppy and send 
your /etc/lilo.conf to the list, or take a look at the lilo docs.
BTW: You might also want to try loadlin - it will let you boot from HD from 

	2. X configuration
Once again, might be a configuration problem. You might try 
	startx 2>&1 > startx.msg
This will let you see the Xserver output when it was started. Here too you 
might send the output to the list.

>  Thanks,                                                              
>  D. Kronholm                                                          
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