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Re: Need advice on Postscript/PCL printer

Nicola Bernardelli <nbern@iname.com> writes:

> Thanks a lot for replying,
> I'll check out what equivalents/evolutions have the Brother HL-730 and

I don't know if I'd recommend the HL-730.  The construction isn't the greatest
(I broke part of the output tray), it is meant to be a Windows printer (though
the Ghostscript guys made a filter for it), and it seems to run out of toner
rather quickly (at least compared to my old IBM laser printer, which we never
had to replace the toner in the over 5 years that we had it).  The only reason
I bought it was it was cheap (read: "on sale"), and seemed to work OK.

> the HP LaserJet 6MP, I'll also investigate more on the Lexmark
> warranty and characteristic... but frankly speaking I'm seriously
> turning towards the 1200dpi Epson, crossed fingers for it not to break
> (to soon) and for the Epson service to be correct.
> Nicola
> (Below I'm just thinking aloud, just in case anybody has anything to add.)
> So Ghostscript (I'll check its docs and the ones of apsfilter) does
> _not_ translate to PCL, I see, kind of gdi at last :-(
> But it's not gdi, could it be worse, may that imply need of more RAM
> on the printer?

Ghostscript _does_ (or rather _can_, depending on the command-line args)
translate to PCL, but AFAIK uses just the bitmap printing part of PCL (someone
better correct me quickly if I'm wrong about that).

For myself, I found that for text documents, 2MB was fine at 600dpi.  I
survived with 512KB at 300dpi.  Usually, printers support some sort of
compression, so you don't quite need as much RAM as you would think.

About your other e-mail: I have 2MB of RAM on my printer.  It doesn't support
PostScript, so I filter using Ghostscript (well, actually apsfilter, which uses



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