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Re: Canon BJC-1000 problem

"loki" == loki  <eloki@dingoblue.net.au> writes:

> Firstly, does printing of other formats (eg. Postscript) work?  If
> so, I guess it's just that particular magicfilter line.  If you
> can't print anything, check your /proc/parport/0/hardware to make
> sure you have one.

Hm, I don't have anything in /proc/parport... in fact I don't have a
/proc/parport directory at all.  This would seem to be bad....

> A friend of mine had this problem and I only solved it for her
> today.  Basically we purged lprng and then reinstalled it, then
> reran magicfilterconfig afterwards.  If you can't find other reasons
> why it doesn't work, this is worth a try.

You mentioned in an earlier message something about BIOS settings?  Do
you think that has something to do with it?

I think I shall have to sit down and read up on parallel port stuff.
I didn't even know until a couple days ago about the parport stuff,
I'd only heard of /dev/lp0 etc....

Thanks loki, and John, for your help!


Albert ``Willy'' Lee, Emacs user, game programmer
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