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Re: Network Printing

On Thu, Sep 28, 2000 at 11:41:38AM -0400, Michael Goodman wrote:
> Excuse my ignorance but how to you config network printers in Potato? There must be an easier way than editing the printcap file. Thanks,

Well, ummm, that's how I did it!  Actually much easier than firing up
and learning some GUI tool I'll use once and then not again...

To wit.

Here is the salient portion of my /etc/printcap which is the same on
both the desktop and my laptop:

lm|laser|Lexmark 4039-10R:\                                                     

The Lexmark is connected to the desktop (which also runs Potato) and I 
have an ethernet connection available to tie the two machines together.

Looking in the printcap file I noticed this nice little template toward
the end:

# rlp|Remote printer entry:\                                                    
#         :lp=:\                                                                
#         :rm=remotehost:\                                                      
#         :rp=remoteprinter:\                                                   
#         :sd=/var/spool/lpd/remote:\                                           
#         :mx#0:\                                                               
#         :sh:                                                                  

Using this as a guide, I added the remote Lexmark alias of rlm as so:

rlm|Remote Lexmark 4039-10R on linux.n0nb.ampr.org:\                            

I then restarted lprng with:

/etc/init.d/lprng restart 

as root.  Then I happily printed from Netscape on the laptop to the
Lexmark in the other room.  Total time from curiosity to implementation?
Less than 5 minutes.  Try *that* on those "administrator friendly" OSes. :)


- Nate >>

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