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Re: debian 2.2 on Ultra160? (fwd)

	Subject: debian 2.2 on Ultra160? (fwd)
	Date: Mon, Sep 25, 2000 at 04:07:11PM -0700

In reply to:nate@firetrail.com

Quoting nate@firetrail.com(nate@firetrail.com):
> just in a reply to myself i tried going with mandrake7 with no luck it
> crashed pretty hard within 30 seconds of installation.
> so i went to the bios and turned the memory down from 133mhz to 100mhz,
> mandrake install is about 75% complete so im betting the memory is just
> too shitty to run at 133mhz.
> even tho i love debian best, i reallyu like mandrake for things like this,
> real quick and easy to install and run(with tons of apps) then i can wipe
> the box out and install debian once im ready to get serious :)
> nate

Had a simular problem with a Abit Px5 MB I picked up used.  It has an
AMD k6-200 and a 32M dimm.  Debian installed and ran fine until I did
a kernel compile.  Then it would fail during kernel compiles only.
Dropping the clock speed down to 166Mhz fixed it for a while but then
it got cranky.  Changed the dimm to a 100Mhz sdram, tuned the memory
settings in the bios and now it is solid.  It still won't compile a
kernel if I clock the CPU at 200Mhz, ergo CPU is marked incorrectly.

As an aside.  The bigomips were 299.67 when it was clocked at 200Mhz
with the old ram.  Now at 166Mhz with the PC100 ram, and the bios
tuned for that ram, the bigomips are 333.41.

Running a RH based dist would not stress a system any more/less then
any other dist IMO.  Running a RH based dist _would_ put more stress
on me tho.  If it wouldn't run Debian I would dunp the hardware before
I would load RH.  Or sell it to someone that runs Winbloz.  The are
used to the "blue screens of death" and seem to expect it.

:-) HTH, YMMV, HAND :-)

A language that doesn't have everything is actually easier to program
in than some that do.
                -- Dennis M. Ritchie

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