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Help!! I need my LS120

I have an external, parallel port, LS120 floppy drive (128Mb).
When I tried MD 6.2, SuSE 6.2, MD 7.1, Caldera 2.4 flavors
of Linux all I had to do was:

modprobe paride
modprobe epat
modprobe pf
mount -t vfat /dev/pf0 /mnt

and I could use my LS120 just as any other floppy.

When I do this in Debian 2.2 I get an error that there
is no device /dev/pf0.  I attached /dev and did a "./MAKEDEV pf0"
( and ./MAKEDEV pf ) and got the error don't know what "pf0" is.
I tried a "./MAKEDEV update" and also got a "don't know how to 
make device "pf".

Any ideas on how to get my LS120 working on Debian?

Christopher W. Aiken, Scenery Hill, Pa, USA
chris at cwaiken dot com,   www.cwaiken.com
Current O/S:  Debian Linux 2.2

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