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Re: Kernel build with kpkg (was Install of VMware)

On Sat, 23 Sep 2000, Tom Hoover wrote:
> Is there any advantage to building the kernel outside of fakeroot?

The fakeroot man page says quite clearly that "Thou shall never configure a
anything under fakeroot", so I try to only do the install targets under
fakeroot to avoid hard-to-track problems.

BTW, kernel-package 7.17 (woody) is broken. If you have problems with it,
that's why :-) I'm filling bugs right now.

> > I dislike compiling the modules under fakeroot (and the fakeroot docs do
> > warn not to do this), but ALSA seems not to mind it. Anyway, I dislike the
> I'm learning here...why do you dislike compiling modules under fakeroot?

Try to compile ALSA (alsa-source package, I think) under fakeroot. It'll run
GNU configure. Now read the fakeroot manpage.

I've never had problems with fakeroot configure (I did not notice that big
warning right away ;^) ), but since I do NOT presume to know better than the
fakeroot author, I'm not about to go around doing stuff he went out of his
way to warn one not to.

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