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Re: OT: no cdrom audio from sound card line out

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>>>>> "Mark" =3D=3D Mark Schiltz <mark@doyou.com> writes:

    Mark> On Mon, 18 Sep 2000, David Z. Maze wrote:
    >> Mark Schiltz <mark@doyou.com> writes:
    MS> I think I have tried everything, maybe my sound card is not fully
    MS> supported? I have a motherboard with built-in soundpro
    MS> (CMI8330). The sound is working with the exception of the cd
    MS> audio. I know the cd is working because I can use the phone plug
    MS> on the face of the cdrom.
    >> Two thoughts:
    >> (1) Is there a cable inside the computer connecting the CD-ROM to the
    >> sound card?

    Mark> Yes

    >> (2) Run a Linux mixer program.  Is the CD audio volume non-zero?  Is
    >> the master volume non-zero?

    Mark> I have tried many different mixers.

    Mark> This is a dual boot machine and cd audio works in the other (W98)=
    Mark> I guess I should just get a new sound card.

What do you use to start the CD playing?  I found out my newly
installed SCSI CD was not properly supported by cdtool and
dcd... cdtool's cdplay can't start it, whereas dcd can... but dcd
doesn't show it playing when it actually does, whereas cdtool's cdinfo
shows it as playing.

Weird.  Maybe it's the same with your stuff... try different players
(if you haven't already).


Bye, J

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