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Re: Internet Cafe

Joachim Trinkwitz wrote:
> ChrisHellberg<chellberg@ecnetwork.co.nz> writes:
> > So it can be done over ethernet? Sweet. So I spose if I'm not going to
> > do down the radius path, and a simple app to boot them off the PC, would
> > it be a matter of killall -9 <their processes on the server>, including
> > the NFS mount?
> When using Gnome's GDM, you could write a simple script to umount all
> mount points which not should be mounted (= floppy) and kill the
> remaining user processes (StarOffice and WordPerfect like to leave
> some behind them, more seldom Netscape) with slay, as Ethan proposed.

Great, gives me something to work with.

Would they then get back to the fancy graphical login screen.. then when
they login again, everything is remounted I spose?

Does GDM have PAM support so I can use LDAP authentication or if I'm
feeling lazy and not security conscious, a mysql table of users?


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