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Re: booting with lilo win2k

> Bob, thanks a lot!  Your guess was absolutely correct.  I had a fat16
> partition at hda3 prior to installing w2k in a brand-new NTFS
> partition at hda1.  It did install its installer into hda3 for
> whatever reason (without prompting).  Pointing other to hda3 resolved

Not sure, but I remeber trying to install nt4 to a prepartitioned (under
linux) disk and specifying it to be installed to a certain unformated
partition or unpartitioned space, it would install the majority of it's
file to the pointed partition.  However, the _boot_ files (e.g ntldr,
boot.ini?,...) was unconditionally put on the fat partition it could
find.  Not telling, but hey, it's MS ;-)

I'm pretty sure the installations procedure first formats the partition
fat, and shortly later (after a MS reboot ofcourse) it says "converting
to NTFS..."

Probably the same or similar goes with w2k, even thoug it got a fancier

// Emil

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