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Re: booting with lilo win2k

William Jensen <jensenb@bodach.com> writes:

> other=/dev/hda3  <-- notice hda3, make sure that yours points to the
> label=win	     correct partition..ie is win2k really on hda1?

That's funny.  Is your /dev/hda3 an NTFS partition?  I have the
following in my lilo.conf:

,----[ lilo.conf ]
| boot=/dev/hda
| install=/boot/boot.b
| map=/boot/map
| prompt
| vga = normal
| linear
| image = /zImage
|   root = /dev/hdd2
|   label = linux
|   append = "mem=96M"
|   read-only
| other = /dev/hda1
|   label = win
|   table = /dev/hda

LILO comes up OK at boot time, and boots linux just fine.  If I choose
`win', then it attempts to boot Win, but I see a message:
`NTLDR is missing.  Press Cntrl+Alt+Delete.'

win2k *is* on /dev/hda1, which I verified with fdisk just now.

I tried removing the `table=/dev/hda' option, but it made no

Any further ideas?
Arcady Genkin
Don't read everything you believe.

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