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RE: pump replacing dhcpcd?

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> From: Bryan K. Walton [mailto:walton@berbee.com]
> Sent: Wednesday, September 13, 2000 6:23 PM
> To: Debian-User Mailing List
> Subject: pump replacing dhcpcd?
> When I go to the debian web site and look up info on the pump 
> package, one of the things that the page tells me is:
> "This is the DHCP/BOOTP client written by RedHat. This replaces 
> the dhcpcd package."
> I take this to mean that the dhcpcd client is no longer be worked 
> on?  The reason I ask is that I use to use dhcpcd and like it 
> very much.  I am currently using pump, but for some reason, pump 
> seems to keep removing my localhost address from my 
> /etc/resolve.conf file.  No big deal, but I would like it o quit 
> removing it.  I might just revert to the dhcpcd package, any thoughts?
> But I don't want to hold on to a package that may be growing 
> quickly out of date.

By all means, if you want to have even the slightest control
over dhcp do not use pump! (It still doesn't work for me
in all machines with 2 NICs...)

I love dhcp-client, which had some serious bugs fixed in the
*woody* version. You can override the function that modifies
/etc/resolv.conf correctly now. :)

dhcpd should be fine, too, but I don't really know much
about it.


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