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Re: cable modem: does my hostname matter?

"Krzys Majewski" <majewski@cs.ubc.ca> wrote:

> My  cable provider tells  me my  hostname is  cr275960-a. So  I've put
> cr275960-a in /etc/hostname and  everything works. My /etc/hosts looks
> like this:
> localhost
>    cr275960-a cr275960-a.crdva1.bc.wave.home.com
> Anyway, cr275960-a  is a  pretty ugly name  for my machine,  don't you
> think? Can I change it? -chris

With @Home, it's primarily an issue with the DHCP client. You need to
specify your "official" (ugly) hostname to dhcpcd if you're using it. I
personally just use a static configuration and have had no problems for ...
something like 4 years now. It may vary in your area though.

Keep in mind that whatever sexy name you do use won't mean much externally
unless DNS outside references it. I've used free DNS via dhs.org for this
purpose. Anything referencing my dhs.org subdomain gets pointed to my @Home
address that way.

Good luck!

- Bob

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