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Help!! "No more processes left in runlevel"

Shit shit shit I've broken my machine again. 
Won't halt, won't boot. When booting it claims it's going into
runlevel 3 but none of the rc3.d scripts are run, and it
won't let me login (except as root), saying "system bootup in
progress". If I try to change runlevel it sends TERM, sends
KILL, and then says "no processes left in runlevel", and
I've had this before, I vaguely remember fixing it by
deinstalling something and reinstalling an older version, but
I could be wrong. The last packages I installed, afaik, since
everything last worked, are acroread and noflushd. To get
noflushd working I had to add the lines for "unstable" sources
into /etc/apt/sources.list, suck suck suck (please tell me if
you know a better way to install just one unstable package). 
I've commented out the unstable lines, done apt-get update.
Now here's something I don't understand: versions of libc6 and
xlib6g given by apt-cache show and dpkg -s are the same
(2.2.1-13 and 3.3.6-9, respectively), and get apt-get -s
install wants to reinstall them both, instead of saying
"already the newest version". 
Anyway, WTF? -chris

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