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Re: HELP! with ethernet

On Mon, Sep 11, 2000 at 08:01:33AM +0200, Philipp Schulte wrote:

> > How do I compile the rtl8139.c file (I have tried, but it keeps

do you mean the rtl8139.c from the linux source tree?
do not compile this file alone. use 'make config/menuconfig/xconfig'
to configure linux, there you can choose this driver. then compile the

> > complaining about a missing linux/mod*.h [sorry, I did not record the
> > name] file, even when I attempt to compile it in the same directory. 
> > All the other *.h files are recognized)?  Is this the problem?
> > I'm sure I've done something totally inappropriate, but all the
> > consultation with howto files and man pages has left me befogged.
> Is the file called "modversions.h"? I had this problem once but only

this modversion.h gets generated during the kernel build. so, you
can't pick one file (rtl8139.c) and compile it. choose this driver and
then compile your kernel.

> while trying to compile a newer rtl8139 driver - not the one from the
> kernel. I was able to compile it with (I guess) this additional
> option: "-I /usr/src/linux/linux".

this should be: -I/usr/src/linux/include/linux or more generally:
-I<path to your linux source tree>/include/linux

it was needed, because this modversion.h will be somewhere _in the
source tree_, it is not installed somewhere in the system, where the
compiler looks for header files.

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