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Extreme disappointment. :(

Hello all,

I have been using Linux for about 3 years including OpenBSD for about 1 year, so I hope that the problems I'm having with Debian 2.2 Potato are not due to my ignorance. After reading great things about Debian, and a 2.2 kernel version finally coming out as "stable" on CD from my local Linux shoppe, I was very excited to request it on CDR as my birthday present from my girlfriend.

Unfortunately, during install, I was getting many errors. I noticed Emacs19 gets  "future timestamp" errors, gnome dependency errors, eventually an error stating something along the lines of "E.Sub Process  /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error (1) some errors occurred while unpacking", plus many errors scroll past too quickly to note, eventually the install comes to a message stating "Packages failed to install, retry?".

Once I had it "installed", I fired up X and got into Enlightenment which promptly seg faulted! I know E is not the most reliable wm, but in Mandrake 7.0 I have never had it seg fault, there were other X errors causing X to die back to the console.

At install, I noticed that what looks like an md5 sum (when CD1 is requested) states "bad-1" at the end, reinforcing my belief that CD1 could be corrupt.

Can someone tell me how to check the CD so that I can prove to myself and the shop I bought it from that a replacement is required?

Many thanks,

Bye for now.

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