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Re: small problems

On Wed, Sep 06, 2000 at 12:14:07PM -0400, Rubbish5@aol.com wrote:
> 2. CDROM.  Once I load up my GUI, if I hit the eject button 
> it pops right out, but at the command line it doesn't.  Now I'm probably 
> ignorant to some basic truth of Linux here, but since I prefer to work at the 
> command line when possible, is there anything I can load or configure so that 
> I can open my CD Drive there?  

It's probably still mounted  (you cannot open your cd drive mounted on
Linux. type 'mount' and have a look. No process must be using the drive
or be in the drive directory in order to unmount successfully. fuser
/(cd-drive-mount-point) outputs the process number of any shells still
being in /cdrom or whereever
Your GUI probably handles auto-fs, don't know about that, though.



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