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Re: Help setting up my scanner??

There is a seperate section in the kernel configuration for generic scsi devices.
You have to have that enabled for the scanner to work.  After that, the device that
you should use is /dev/sg0 (1st scsi generic device).

Daly Gutierrez wrote:

> Hello all,
> I have an HP Scanjet 5p (SCSI) scanner hooked up to my Buslogic 958
> (Mylex) SCSI card.  The Hardware-HOW-TO states that both devices are
> Linux compatible... and they appear to be, to some extent.  I have
> installed the SANE package and its documentation also says that the HP
> Scanjet 5p is supported.
> During boot-up, Linux properly detects my Buslogic SCSI card and the two
> devices connected to it:  my 2.1 GB SCSI hard drive and my scanner!  For
> that reason, I believe that SCSI support has been pre-compiled in the
> kernel (I may be wrong).  Anyway, when I type "scanimage -L" to list the
> devices, there are NO devices shown.  I've also tried "find-scanner" and
> I get a message like needing generic SCSI support.  Do I not have this
> already?
> Any help would be appreciated !!
> -- Daly
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