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Hey guys,  I finnally got Debian 2.2 installed and running on my laptop.

My biggest problme was X,  Why can't these companies just use normal
video chipsets?
Anyhow, it's working!!!

I have a ess solo sound card.  I installed it as a module, and it works
fine....under root
It will not work under my user account, so where do I need to change
permissions, ownership, or do I need to add myself to another group?
I read somewhere that you need to add youself to the audio group(dip),
but I don't have that group on my system.  also the gnome cd player will
also not run under my user log-in, I suspect that is because it doesn't
have the right to mount the drive.  So what do i need to do?
I'm not worried about user security, because I will be the only one
useing the laptop.


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