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Re: Why should I use Debian?

Thank's for your reply.
Obviously I have to study apt- , I've never used that program but I like
what I've read about it so far.

Helgi Örn

Mike McNally wrote:
> imho: debian is always an "old" release.  It has the problems consistent
> with
> being old.  But the delay time was is spent in terms of getting things
> setup
> rather nicely so you don't have to be an expert at configuring all the
> myriad
> of linux packages.  Dselect is great once you get the hang of it.  I
> don't fight
> the conflicts, and if installing pkg-a creates conflicts causing pkg
> bcde&f to be
> uninstalled I imediately change it all back the way it was, before I
> lose track
> of what I just messed up.  I didn't do this at first and probably had
> the mess
> you have (but it was still better than redhat).  Get to know the symbols
> to the
> left of the screen in dselect and when conflicts come up think
> carefully.
> apt-get may be the best attribute of debian.  I upgraded to a new ver of
> enlightenment and apt-get went out and gathered up dozens of packages
> that
> needed to be updated to make it work, reconfigured them and set it all
> up.
> mike

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