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Why should I use Debian?

Hi all Debians!

I am a devoted Linux user, running Caldera at work and SuSE at home
(that's also work!). At home I have a dual boot with Win98 and I always
have an extra partition to run an extra Linux distribution for testing,
I've installed and configured almost all of the most common

Debian/GNU is the most interesting projec I can imagine in the world of
software, idealistically it suites me perfect. I really would love to be
able to use Debian as my default OS. 
I installed Debian 2.1 (slink) several times but I was never able to
configure it to my satisfaction, GNOME never worked, ppp never
worked,printer never worked, everything was just a total mess. With
great excitement I waited for the 'potato' to be cooked, and here it is;
ready to consume! 
I've installed it, Debian 2.2 'potato' and it's a total mess! Worst of
all is dselect, after the main installation I used dselect to install
some extra packages, took me around two hours to go through the whole
collection. When it came to installing the packages it only installed a
few of what I had chosen, some only partially, but most of them it
didn't install at all.

Are there bugs in dselect?

Helgi Örn
n:;Helgi Örn
adr:;;GNU/Linux SuSE 6.4;;;;
fn:Helgi Örn

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