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parsing existing mbox

okay, i did this a while back, but haven't been
able to track down the docs that showed me how
to do it. after six hours, i'm giving up and
asking y'all'uns...

you've got a mbox with hundreds of messages
in it, and you've updated your .procmailrc or
exim.conf with new filtering rules, and you
wanna run them on your mbox to split it up
into pieces, perhaps forwarding certain messages
on to other folks, or deleting those matching
pattern X.

my failing memory tells me it involved an odd
option along the lines of "-0f0" or "-f1"...

what's the command for that? exim? sendmail?
procmail? shredmail? rm? mkfs? aaugh? blither?
punt? surrender? panic? mentalbreakdown? grr?

(i'd be delighted to RTF manpage or info or 
usr/share/doc/* or howto on that if i knew where
to look...)

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