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Re: logitech trackman marble+

Phillip Deackes wrote:

> I tried this with my Logitech Trackman Marble mouse and it didn't work.
> All that happened wa that my mouse pointer stuck at the top right of the
> X display and didn't do anything.

may have to configure it through GPM see this page for other solutions


> You say 'use the imwheel program to scroll' - I am not sure what to do
> with inwheel - I read the DEBIAN readme which came with it and put the
> relevant files etc. into /etc/X11/imwheel and /etc/X11/Xsession. Tried
> to run 'imwheel' in X but without the mose couldn't open an xterm to
> type it in!

for me i installed it, ran it, and it handles scrolling up and down, did
not have to do any configuration. i use afterstep so i just put it into
my autoexec to load when afterstep loads.

> Is there something I am not doing? Is IMPS/2 available in X or do I need
> to compile it in/fetch it from somewhere?

IMPS/2 is part of X, although ive seen some instances(mainly with MS
wheel mice) where that protocol didn't work and a friend set up the
/dev/gpmdata stuff to get it working see the link above on other
protocols/ways to get the mouse to talk


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