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flushing IPAC ?

Im tryin to get stats on my dsl connection i have 1 rule for incoming
and 1 for outgoing:

All Incoming Data Traffic|in||all||
All Outgoing Data Traffic|out||all||

I had a bunch more rules before that but i took them out as i didnt want
them anymore, i ran ipacset, and restarted ipac, even removed ipac
totally and reinstalled it (purged it even) and it STILL isn't
processing correctly(by a long shot)  i have the graphs on

i have transferred probably 50 times what it says i have in the
specified time period.

so, is there anything else i can erase to flush this ? reboot maybe ? i
rm'd the /var/log/ip-acct too..ive had this problem in the past and it's
what drove me away from ipac 2 years or so ago..if there is another such
tool that can gather/graph stats id be more then happy to switch!! like
the above rules i just want graphs for all incoming and all outgoing.
ntop is nice in webmode but have had problems with that in the past with
it using all of the CPU after a couple days and the fact it has so many
security holes the debianized verison is disabled with webmode.



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