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RE: Linux crashed a lot - more info

> From: Scott_Patterson@andersonsinc.com
> This is scary. I had a problem similar to this on my old work
> computer. Netscape
> would crash all the time, xterms wouldn't start, library errors, compiling
> errors, ftp checksums incorrect, etc. The system never crashed
> but was very
> unreliable. Turns out the memory was bad, after running some test
> programs I got
> from http://freshmeat.net.
> So, I replaced the memory, and it worked alright for 2 months,
> then, it started
> having problems again. New NIC, same problems. I tried replacing
> many different
> pieces but to no luck. Finally, I just switched machines and no problems.
> Unfortunately this sounds like you have a similar scenrio.

Did you try replacing the power supply? This sounds suspiciously like an
almost-good power supply. That is one item that one should _never_ skimp on,
but a lot of low-end clones do to save a few bucks. Of course, there's other
possible causes. My wife's machine got to be like that, and after some
poking about, I discovered that the CPU fan was going bad -- it was turning,
but not quite fast enough _some_ of the time. Sometimes it'd run at full
speed for a couple of days before slowing down, sometimes a few minutes, and
sometimes would start off slow in which case the machine sometimes wouldn't
even finish booting before the CPU overheated. Intermittent problems like
that can be really difficult to track down sometimes.


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