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Re: Linux crashes a lot

Quoting John Reinke (jmreinke@ukans.edu):
> Yep, that's what I said. Linux crashes a lot.
> It commonly seems to coincide with Netscape crashing, but it almost always
> takes the whole system with it. I can't Ctrl-Alt-Backspace or change to
> another console. Occasionally I can telnet into the box and try to kill X,
> but it never works.

Now that's odd. If I've had the X server lock up and I can manage to
login on the network, killing processes is the least of my problems.
It's the logging in that's iffy.

> Other than not using Netscape, or disabling java or javascript (that helps,
> but not totally), what can/should I do to keep from crashing so often?
> Right now, it seems to crash about every other day.

You might want to investigate resource limits. They've been discussed
on this list.

> Additionally, I had something else weird happen today. I couldn't log into
> my box from another machine, xdm, or a console, but it was still running
> IPMasq services, etc. I finally had to reset it, since I couldn't get into
> it at all. It would never complete the validating process. The kernel logs
> showed the output like I see sometimes when it crashes and I'm at the
> console - several lines of addresses and numbers.  Any suggestions to
> prevent this from happening again would also be helpful.

Maybe you have a hardware problem. On rare occasions, my network card can
crash a machine.


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