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Re: cable connection stopped working

First of all, I just got the connection working. Thanks to all.
Using the correct NIC driver did the trick, though note that I did try
two different NICs earlier this week with negative results. 
To sum up: isapnp 3c509 no longer works (although the driver reports
no errors), pci NDC card with tulip driver similarly, 3c905b works.

As for your questions, I would like to answer them but don't know how.
My /etc/network/interfaces does have a "gateway" entry in the eth0 section,
it is similar to my ip address but the last number is different. 

On Wed, 30 Aug 2000, Paul T.McNally wrote:

> Can you ping the cable modem? Do cable modems act as a gateway? I have DSL
> and you may have a similar situation I had. I don't know how much dsl is to
> cable modems.
> Paul

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