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Re: Reading Sun disks/backup tapes on a Debian system

On Sun, Aug 27, 2000 at 03:09:12PM +0100, Melanie Dymond Harper wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Does anyone have information about how one might read Sun-format
> (ufsdump) backup tapes or, alternatively, ufs-format disks on a Debian
> system?

You probably need a kernel with ufs support.  Apparently there are
several versions so you have to specify a 'usftype=...' paramater to
mount.  See <kernel-source>/Documentation/filesystems/ufs.txt for more
info.  I'm guessing it doesn't come with the prebuilt *.deb kernels, but
you can check /lib/modules/<kernel_version/fs -- presumably a module
would be named ufs.o . If it's built into the kernel (doubtful) you can
also look at /proc/filesystems.

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