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Re: Win & Potato on LAN

Christoph Gaitzsch wrote:
> >>>>> "V" == Vitux  <viggovap@mail.worldonline.dk> writes:
>    V> Dan Hutchinson wrote:
>    >>
>    >> You know there has to be a default gateway with the NIC in Windows!
>    >> Also which version of Windows 95/98 or WindowsNT/2000.
>    >>
>    >> Dan
>    >>
>    V> Sorry, Win98 1st.ed.
>    V> I tried setting "gateway" to Potato's IP (, now if I
>    V> ping the same IP, I get host does not exist.
>    V> Do you have any suggestion as to the default gateway in Win?
> Hi,
> do you think, the network card in the Windows box is set up correctly. I had
> some Problems with win95 and more than one card, massice resource conflicts.
> Also check the cabeling. If the LED on the hub doesn´t show anything, it must
> be the windows box or the cable. If the card is set up to autonegoitation,
> try to set mode and speed manually.
> Just a few suggestions,
>                                 Christoph
> --
I've got only one card in it, which seems to share IRQ11 w/ the rest
of the PCI devices. This is normal, I believe?! It's recognized fine
and the box can ping itself, tho hangs on doing diagnostics on the
card. But hey, windohs hangs every so often, so I don't find it all
that mysterious... ;-)
I will definitely try some other cables, as also suggested by some
other folks here.

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