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no ppp compression even though pppstats says VJCOMP; new in potato

BCC: dsb@smart.net
References:  <09f601c00d9d$c1f10a80$0100a8c0@windows98>
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I don't seem to be getting any compression in ppp.

Is there something extra I need to do in potato's ppp to fully
enable compression?

pppstats lists most packets in the VJCOMP column, seemingly
indicating that it thinks packets are getting compressed.

However, the maximum bytes per second I get when downloading
a very compressible large web page is no larger than the bytes 
per second for uncompressible data.

(I get about 3850 bytes per second raw speed (e.g., downloading
a .gz file).  

The compressible web page used to download at around 11000 bytes 
per second on my previous slink system, but now it downloads at 
only 3850 bytes per second.)

Here are my loaded modules (lsmod):

Module                  Size  Used by
ppp_deflate            38988   1 (autoclean)
bsd_comp                3828   0 (autoclean)
ppp                    20684   2 (autoclean) [ppp_deflate bsd_comp]
af_packet               6040   3 (autoclean)
slip                    7388   1 (autoclean)
slhc                    4436   2 (autoclean) [ppp slip]
lockd                  31112   1 (autoclean)
sunrpc                 52420   1 (autoclean) [lockd]
nls_cp437               3904   4 (autoclean)
vfat                    9008   2 (autoclean)
serial                 19564   2 (autoclean)
ftape                 105460   0 (unused)
unix                   10212  39 (autoclean)

It certainly looks like ppp compression modules are loaded.
What else might I need to do or check?


Daniel Barclay
(Hmm.  A little worrisome:  http://www.junkbusters.com/cgi-bin/privacy
                            http://www.anonymizer.com/snoop.cgi )

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