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Re: Brand_Spankin_Newbie


Do you have Xwindows up and running? From your Windows background,
you'll initially feel more comfortable in X.

Oddly enough though, you will learn more faster in the console on the
command line.

In a way I was lucky that it took me two weeks (and several hardware
swaps) to configure X (w/gnome and enlightenment) and ppp. Those first
two weeks taught me how to climb up and down a UNIX file tree like a
monkey after a banana. And I came from Mac-land.

I was also unusually lucky to have a very Linux savvy ISP.

Checking "The Complete Idiot's Guide to UNIX" out from the local library
didn't hurt either. It gives you a short course on all you'll need
including cheat sheets for the various text editors (a subject by the
way that rivals the intensity of the religious wars in post-Renaissance
Europe among Unixians. Consider yourself warned.).

Btw, you will soon come to be considered a linux god because you chose
Debian, and Potato at that, as your first Linux. Mine was Red Hat 6.0. I
only woke up 4 months ago.

Good luck and remember: Even the hundred petal lotus reveals itself one
petal at a time.

Oh, and welcome aboard.


Brian Vozza wrote:
> Whats up everyone....
>         I have been a windows programmer for several years...and I am
> finally converting over to linux.  Only problem is.....Dont know where
> ta start.  Ive managed to install potato on my machine but am
> cluelesssss as to where to go from here.  Are there any good tutorials
> or reference material that you guys could recommend.  I seem to be lost
> with the file structure.  I dont know where everything is....and once I
> find it.....what the hell ta do with it.  Any help is appreciated.
> Thanks...
> dubi
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