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Re: Brand_Spankin_Newbie

As always get the oreilly book :) Go to fatbrain they have 30% off on most new books and the discount code cdidisc will get you greatly reduced shipping. Free on the standard shipping. I put this question out to the list which book would be best? My thought is to start with the latest edition of "Running Linux"

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From: Brian Vozza <bvozza@fenderusa.com>
Reply-To: Brian Vozza <bvozza@fenderusa.com>
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2000 14:47:43 +0000

>Whats up everyone....
>	I have been a windows programmer for several years...and I am 
>finally converting over to linux.  Only problem is.....Dont know where 
>ta start.  Ive managed to install potato on my machine but am 
>cluelesssss as to where to go from here.  Are there any good tutorials 
>or reference material that you guys could recommend.  I seem to be lost 
>with the file structure.  I dont know where everything is....and once I 
>find it.....what the hell ta do with it.  Any help is appreciated.  
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