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Re: procmail receipes

THUS SPAKE Dale L . Morris, on Aug 24:

> I'm wondering if the syntax is correct. This is what I'm using
> for a procmail receipe: 
> :0: 
> * ^To_debian-user@lists.debian.org 
> debian-user
> Will it work?

No. you need a colon, not an underscore.

Also,  using the 'To' field is suboptimal (the word of the day ;)) as many
people cc the list.

I use 'return-path' as it is unique for each list.  It's possible that 2
or more lists could have the same return-path but unlikely.

To see the return path you need to view the full header.  If you use pine
enable 'view full headers' in the configuration menu, then hit 'h' when
viewing the piece of mail in question.

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