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RE: ISP server assigned nameserver addressing - how?

To know YOUR DNS's when you use Windows, go to www.anonymizer.com  (in
Windows) and click "This is what we know about you" or something like that.
In most cases somewhere near the end of the page it will tell your DNS
addresses.  Worked for me!!

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On Tue, 22 Aug 2000 22:23:02 PDT, Nate Amsden writes:
>in 99.9% of cases you do not have to use your ISP's DNS. you can use any
>DNS(use mine if you want & 194) to find an ISP's numeric
>DNS i would suggest using WHOIS, or dig.

But using "further" away DNS´s _will_ affect your browsing speed, eg if
 netscape wants to connect to a page with lots o banners or otherwise
 linked other sites there´s easily 20-30 dns-lookups per page, and
 netscape does them one after one, so there are seconds lost sometimes
 before netscape even gets the the whole page html-wise...

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