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Re: Baking my own bootable potato using mkisofs

csj  <csj@mindgate.net> writes:
csj> I would like to know how to make my own bootable Debian
csj> installation CD, WITHOUT the use of those humongous *.iso
csj> files. For some reason my ISP frequently turns in abysmal ftp
csj> transfer rates. I plan to use a web grabber, pavuk, to snarf the
csj> packages off the net.

You should look into the Debian Pseudo-Image Kit, which is designed to 
work around exactly this problem (among others).  It essentially
downloads all of the files and packages that belong on a particular
Debian CD, cats them together into something looking sort of like an
iso9660 CD image, and then uses rsync to make this look like an
official CD image.  Look for details on http://cdimage.debian.org/.

(WIBNI useful things like this and the various documents that are
useful to look at were top-level links from cdimage?  I just burned a
potato CD set, and found it terribly difficult to find things that I
knew lived on the cdimage Web site that I pretty much needed to make
the images.  Things like the list of rsync mirrors, the pointer to the 
official file lists, and so forth.)

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